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Brody Berson

UX. Hacker. Designer. ScrumMaster. American Hero.

I moved from the Midwest to Boulder, CO but am now back in Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve had the chance to do a little bit of everything between school, internships, and now working. That includes everything from application development to technical support and user experience studies to now becoming an App Integrations Engineer at Zapier. It truly has been an amazing experience building my professional history through my years at Grand Valley State University and beyond. I am always looking for what lies ahead in user experience, web design, and quality assurance by being deeply involved in exploring new technologies and discovering what the next big thing is. My freelancing web design firm (AKA "My Portfolio") can be found at: Sleeping Bear Design, and all of my thoughts can be found on my blog on Medium. I am also was the owner, operator, and designer for Happy Camper Co before shutting it down.



NodeJS JavaScript HTML CSS
Ruby PHP Agile



Engineer, App Integrations
Grand Rapids, MI

I'm constantly learning new things about APIs and SaaS businesses here at Zapier. I interact with dozens of API providers to communicate our requirements and get their Zapier apps up to our standards. I also work to improve existing apps, migrate to newer versions of APIs, fix bugs, and respond to user requests. Also everyone at Zapier practices All Hands Support, meaning that everyone on the team from time to time spends some time helping our customers have a great experience using Zapier.


Owner, Operator, Designer
Happy Camper Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

In my free time I spend a lot of time outdoors camping, hiking, and exploring. I wanted my clothing to express that and couldn't quite find an affordable line of apparel that did that... so I just made my own instead! Thus, Happy Camper was born so that I could share my creations with the world. I also thought I would give a bit back, so I pledged to donate a portion of each sale to the National Park Foundation. I am the owner, operation, designer, web developer, social media manager, and everything else this small business requires. It's been a rewarding experience watching something I created grow so quickly.

JULY 2016 - JULY 2018

Founder, Web Developer
Sleeping Bear Design
North Muskegon, MI

I created this web design and development company to be my portfolio, as well as an outlet to give back to the West Michigan community in helping to build great looking sites for small businesses that don't yet have a web presence. I ensure that every site crafted by me will look great on any device a person views it from; it is intuitive and easy to navigate. I user test each site with a group of individuals and watch their experience and how they interact and navigate the site.


Software Quality Assurance Engineer, ScrumMaster®
Boulder, CO

I lead the Quality Assurance efforts at Invoca's Boulder office. In doing so, it helped me to gain many new skills including regularly communicating with remote co-workers from around the world, solving new and unique problems by writing automated Capybara tests, as well as manual test plans throughout the continuous development sprint cycles.

In addition to being the SQA Engineer, I also became a Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and lead the six member scrum team to success.

JUNE 2015 - NOVEMBER 2016

Application Support Specialist, Quality Assurance Engineer
Chicago, IL

I provided the first line of application support to users and clients of Yello (formerly RECSOLU). I helped support system availability of our web and mobile applications in production and staging environments. I worked independently with customers during implementation, and in production, to provide dedicated and exceptional service, including troubleshooting at a technical level. Working at a startup provided me with an extensive range of opportunities, allowing me to work mainly as a QA Engineer plus a plethora of other positions. While I did quality assurance testing before each release, I was also a main test automation engineer using Cucumber and Capybara to create automated tests with Jenkins as the continuous integration tool. Working within the agile team, I combined both white box and black box testing techniques. Lastly I performed system, unit, performance, load, regression, stress, API, and data interface testing. This in turn helped me to provide client developer teams with detailed reports on quality metrics, identify many bugs/flaws and recommend fixes.

JULY 2014 - MAY 2015

Family Room Specialist
Apple Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

By listening to customers mobile issues and concerns I was able to help repair, not only their device, but also their relationship with Apple to ensure that they continued to enjoy their device. During my time at Apple, I also became an Apple Mobile Certified Technician. While this position may not have been as technical in regards to software development, it was an excellent position to build and develop my interpersonal skills. Each day I was faced with new encounters, which allowed me to grow and strengthen the ways in which I interact with others, as well as work with them to identify the problem and find a solution that ensured both parties satisfaction.

AUGUST 2013 - MAY 2014

Software Developer
Grand Rapids, MI

I joined the product development team of a small start-up which consisted of two other software developers/co-founders and their CEO. The start-up revolutionized same day delivery to larger cities including New York and Chicago. I was involved in creating new feature sets from the design, implementation, testing, and production phases of the development lifecycle, using multiple technologies including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, third-party API's, and Git. This was my first experience with a start-up, which taught me how to work with a small team in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment. This will allow me to be comfortable and quickly adjust to any new, rapidly growing setting that I encounter in the future.

DECEMBER 2013 - MARCH 2014

Techosaurus Rex - Intern
Red Frog Events
Chicago, IL

I was responsible for Tier-1 Tech Support in a unique office. Some of my duties included being an administrator of Microsoft Office 365, QNAP Servers, trixbox VoIP system, brivo swipe card system, and Red Frog’s own RegistratioNATION event-registering website. I had the opportunity to work closely with the web developers to collaborate on the redesign of to create a responsive design that is clean and friendly. I also supported Dell Servers, Watchguard services, over 200 Apple devices and 100 Windows machines. Lastly, one of my favorite things about the internship was that I helped create a Wordpress based website to be used everyday internally as a “Knowledge Base.” This was a spot where departments could store important FAQs and “How-To’s” to increase productivity, as well as store them all in one place.

MAY 2013 - AUGUST 2013

Apple Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

At my first position with Apple I listened to customers to help find a complete solution for their particular needs. As well as helping them with technical questions that I could answer without a Genius Bar appointment, and represented Apple’s retail presence. This position was extremely helpful in allowing me to find the best ways to convey technical jargon in more layman’s terms to ensure the customer’s full understanding. It was also rewarding to be able to interact with people from all different technical backgrounds because it taught me to adjust my ways of communication based on the present encounter.

OCTOBER 2012 - MAY 2013

Application Developer - Intern
Delta Dental of Michigan
Okemos, MI

During my first internship I implemented Java tiered web applications using an Agile/Iterative approach. I also wrote a handful of JUnit test cases, helped manage and manipulate the database, and fixed a series of code defects. At Delta Dental, we followed the Agile software development methodology, utilized test-driven development, and pair programming. I was involved in a cross team collaboration on a new development project. The web application I worked to develop was a tiered application using JSP, Delegates, DAO, Assembler, and DTOs. Another thing I accomplished was streamlining the setup process for new developers coming into the office by creating a step-by-step guide to setting up their computer and work environment.

MAY 2012 - AUGUST 2012



Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Grand Valley State University
Dean’s List Fall 2011 & Winter 2012
Involved in the rock climbing club, Vertical Earth

AUGUST 2010 - APRIL 2014

General Education
Muskegon Community College
Dean's List Winter 2010

AUGUST 2009 - JULY 2011